Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thonet Opens a New Store in ‘THE SQUAIRE’ at Frankfurt Airport

Today- 22 September 2011, Thonet opens its newest dedicated store in ‘THE SQUAIRE’, 660 meter long and the new core at Frankfurt airport. ‘THE SQUAIRE’ is located above the ICE international terminal, presenting a magnet for the many visitors to Germany’s largest airport who will be working, shopping, relaxing and availing themselves of the conference facilities. The decision behind this strategic move is part of a drive to raise the brand’s market profile and expand Thonet’s international business.
The Thonet store at ‘THE SQUAIRE’ – a winning combination occupying some 240 m², the new store at Frankfurt airport allows the visitor to experience the latest collections by Thonet, among them future-oriented conference systems with integrated media technology and winning furniture ranges for the private and contract sectors, including chairs, tables, sofas, shelving systems and more. Alongside these there are Thonet’s famous bentwood and tubular steel classics, which are also part of the company’s current range. The Thonet store is aimed at professionals from the fields of architecture and interior design: retailers from Germany and Europe can get to the store in two or three hours by train, aeroplane or car. Visitors who simply want to while away a little time at ‘THE SQUAIRE’ can experience a little piece of the authentic world of Thonet: in this attractive new setting they can familiarise themselves with the firm’s rich tradition. THE SQUAIRE’s spectacular architecture provides the perfect backdrop for Thonet’s timeless, elegant designs. The company sees the store as the perfect platform on which it can convincingly demonstrate its approach to design. The new showroom will be overseen by Michael Thonet, the long-standing director of the Frankfurt-based Thonet Forum.
Thonet 2011 – a positive development the opening of another showroom clearly demonstrates once again that Thonet is investing in its future. After a much-needed restructuring at its Frankenberg base and the consolidation of all departments onto a single site, the company is now looking to strengthen its business abroad. To this end, the company is aiming to raise its market profile with the opening of its new showroom at Frankfurt airport and has also produced a bilingual Thonet collection book, which will appeal to both business clients and end users alike. These measures have all been taken on the basis of recent positive economic indicators: in 2011, Thonet has to date seen a double-figure increase in both turnover and new contracts over the previous year.

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