Friday, 16 September 2011

The Boss Design Group at London Design Festival

The Boss Design Group is delighted to be taking part in this year’s London Design Festival.

The nine day festival comprises of over 280 events and exhibitions staged by 200 partner organisations from around the world. Boss will take this opportunity to showcase the latest collection by Lyndon Design, now part of The Boss Design Group following an acquisition earlier this year. The Lyndon collection will be at the forefront of a week-long exhibition from 19th – 24th September titled ‘Design and Style Trends in Furniture and Fashion – A Retrospective’ curated by Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store™.

Hazel Holtham, Director and Founder of Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store™ commented; "Collaborating with Boss for London Design Festival works in perfect harmony with our passion for creating unique vintage experiences. The classic lines of the Lyndon range were the perfect muse for our interactive and visual exhibition."

Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store™ is a mobile retail concept, creating innovation in vintage retail and event production. Their hand selected collections are renowned for quality and aesthetic originality resulting in them collaborating with brands such Selfridges, Fallon, Tate and Channel 4. Visitors will be submerged into an exclusively curated, by-gone interior; complemented by a ‘live’ fashion presentation on the 20th of September.

Specially selected vintage pieces from Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store’s™ collection will also be available to purchase throughout the festival. The decision to acquire Cheltenham based upholstery seating manufacturer, Lyndon Design earlier this year, was made to bolster the group’s business strategy of ensuring future market and product development to meet their ambitious growth plans. Lyndon’s philosophy over the years has been to present collections that incorporate simple, uncluttered and classic lines. Boasting show-wood manufacturing technology in its in-house frame making facility, Lyndon Design is sure to make a significant contribution to the Boss Design Group.

About the opportunity, Richard Pugh, Managing Director of Lyndon Design said;
‘This is a very exciting time for me and Lyndon Design. We have some fantastic ranges and installations that we are very proud to be associated with.
He concluded; ‘The company is ready for the next stage of growth and being part of The Boss Design Group is the ideal vehicle to make this happen.’ To find out more about the Lyndon Design portfolio visit or call 01242 584897


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