Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Storage solutions

Autumn is now upon us and Nest has been getting organised!!

Nest has sourced the some of the best storage solutions to meet your style and needs.

If you’re looking for affordability then look no further than the Hay Woody shelves.

For a super, sleek, contemporary storage solution the Viccarbe Do It storage cabinet fits the bill.

There isn’t a better time to invest in a classic and Nest’s top choice is the Vitra Kast shelf unit.

The Established & Sons Wrongwoods chest of drawers is unique, fun and ultimately functional.

If you want the something new, then the Skitsch Squilibri bookcase is perfect.

If you’ve got plenty of space and want a very practical solution, then the E15 Arie shelving system is the one to go for.

For even more inspirational ideas for the home and garden and 1000’s of products to search and buy, visit www.nest.co.uk or pop into their new showroom in Sheffield.

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