Monday, 12 September 2011

Hidden Art's last hurrah at 100% Design

22-25 September 2011
Stand B62 100% Design Earls Court

Hidden Art are a support organisation for designers and designer-makers, and have been taking part in 100% Design since the first event in 1995. They are sad to announce that 2011 will be their last 100% Design, as unfortunately they will be closing at the end of September, due to ongoing funding issues, although their e-shop will continue until the end of December.

However, Hidden Art intend on going out with a bang with their final stand. Based around the theme ‘Inspiring the Future’, they will be launching eight exciting new products from five designers. The collection of products continues Hidden Art’s track record in supporting small, innovative companies, ranging from a coat-stand inspired by a shard of ice, to vibrantly coloured fine-china bowls.

The designers have interpreted the theme in different ways: some of the products are futuristic-looking, some are manufactured in England (pointing towards a manufacturing future in the UK), and some adapt themselves to the modern home by space-saving and multi-tasking.

For example the Joyojoy – joy! chair - A reinterpretation of classic chairs of the 20th century, this boldly designed chair with it’s sweeping back comes in different colours and is formed from birch plywood.


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