Friday, 11 February 2011

Zeitraum at Viaduct 2 March - 2 April 2011

Viaduct will be holding the first UK exhibition by refined furniture brand Zeitraum in their dedicated exhibition space. Viaduct will present a selection of Zeitraum pieces in collaboration with new magazine Wrap.

This exhibition will see the UK launch of the Morph lounge chair, which was awarded the Interior Innovation Award 2011 at IMM Cologne. Key pieces from the collection including the Side Comfort Homes sofa, Bondt tables, High Noon lighting and Morph Kid children’s chair will be shown alongside work from Wrap Magazine, a newly launched publication that showcases design and illustration work.

New and exciting prints from Wrap will be showcased alongside Zeitraum’s expertly crafted furniture. Details and extractions from Wrap’s collaborators will be present on digitally printed wallpaper and vinyl wall stickers, as well as on soft furnishings, a collection of transfer printed ceramics and a bespoke shade for the High Noon light.

This will be Viaduct’s second exhibition in their dedicated gallery space, which launched in September 2010.

Viaduct, 1-10 Summers Street, London EC1R 5BD
+44 (0)20 7278 8456

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  1. Had been to Viaduct's last exhibition, they have lot of good collection , Hope to see new furniture's this time.