Thursday, 10 February 2011

JG GROUP presents PV+NATURE, new collection of side tambour cupboards free of PVC

In the beginning of 2010 JG GROUP decides to apply the new Standard UNE 150301 (Environmental Management for design processes and developments. Eco-design) as one of the targets for this year.
As a consequence, the company and mainly the technical dept are motivated for developing sustainable products.
The technical department is in charge of developing a new collection of side tambour cupboards environmentally friendly and the final result has been a full range of cupboards, the PV+NATURE, side tambour cupboards free of PVC (100% PVC free), with less environmental impact than the current ones. JG is one the first companies developing this kind of cupboard free of PVC.
PV + NATURE is a new range which has kept the metal carcass and also the same colors for the carcasses, supplied in aluminum texturate, anthracite, sand, white, Blanc, titanium, ral7016, ral 7035, ral 9006 and ral 9011. Regarding to tambours, the colors available will be white, deco aluminium, ral 7035 and black.
JG GROUP takes into consideration the environmental impact of all products developed during all the life cycle to manufacture it as much cost effective as possible.

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