Monday, 28 February 2011

Pleated Blinds from Silent Gliss

Colour Magic with Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are amazingly versatile: you can open them from the bottom or from the top letting you be in charge of the amount and kind of light you want to let in. They can even be shaped to fit awkward shaped windows. And with a great range of colours to choose from they can make a room really special.

Silent Gliss Pleated Blind systems are also ideal if you have a lot of glass and need to be able to keep cool. Pleated Blinds are especially popular for use in conservatories where their light weight and amazing versatility in accommodating the many glass shapes and angles are unique.
The pleated blinds are available with highly energy efficient fabrics including those with aluminium backing for heat reflection. They offer glare control, heat control, light control and privacy is guaranteed.

When opened the minimum stacking area allows maximum visibility.

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  1. I am really fond of this Pleated Blinds and the special features of opening from the top I don't know about that, from the above post only I came to know about that so thanks for sharing.

    1. That must have been really great and tough to handle. Please share more such experiences