Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Luconi - Osso 3/4 height glass partitioning

The Osso glass partitioning system is ideal for any environment with its versatile bar, panel options and wide range of accessories and manifestation designs. Osso organises, furnishes and borders space with a unique and slender structure. The system offers a wide range of flexibility according to your needs; it can be used in homes, offices, shops and public spaces. The system is fully relocatable and is easy to install, demount, reposition and reinstall.

Utilising vertical bearing bars to which the glass is attached, glass partitioning can be easily installed in areas where traditional glazed partitioning is not possible. High ceilings, decorative ceilings and situations in which drilling is not allowed are all possible. The system is ideal in buildings where ceiling heights vary with bulkheads or sloped ceilings. By using the extension bar it is possible not to run the glass all the way to the ceiling so panels can be a standard height throughout the area. Having a gap between the top of the glass and the ceiling does not affect the general airflow within the space.

Fabric panels can be mixed and matched with glass to create a textured and acoustic element to your office. Perspex can also be used to create a more cost effective partitioning.

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