Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Energize Your Home With Lighting

Regardless if you are working with synthetic or natural light, it has the ability to energize not just your home but the people in it as well. Brilliant touches of radiance can invigorate your home instead of letting dark spaces create a dismal mood. These easy tips will bring light to your space to add cheer to your day.
1 Welcome the Sun – Sheer window treatments provide brighter color by allowing natural light to fill the room. Thoughtfully placing mirrors where the light will be reflected will add a bright, positive energy to your space.
2 Avoid Clutter – Ottomans and storage benches are ideal for hiding blankets, magazines, etc., when not in use. Also, avoid adding too much furniture or art to a room. Too many objects in a room can cause it to appear smaller and darker.
3 Make Use of White – While white may not be the color you immediately think of when you picture contemporary design, small hints of it can certainly go a long way in brightening up your space. Fluorescent bulbs used in white accent lamps will offer you a more natural feel with your lighting while white moldings, shelves and picture frames can add just a hint of contrast in a darker room.

Light plays a key role in your mood and overall appearance of a room and should be treated as a primary decorating element, not an afterthought!

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