Monday, 8 November 2010

Spectrum - Expansion range of colours SZ 02 and SE 06 in saddle leather

The range of colours of saddle leather, used for the SE 06 dining chair and the SZ 02 easy chair is expanded. A warm mid brown and an elegant dark brown are added. Ofcourse the new colours are sold for the same prices as the other colours (natural and black saddle leather).
We hereby give you the codes for these new colours:

dining chair saddle leather:

SE 06.7.0 natural
SE 06.7.3 mid brown
SE 06.7.6 dark brown
SE 06.7.9 black

easy chair saddle leather:

SZ 02.7.0 natural
SZ 02.7.3 mid brown
SZ 02.7.6 dark brown
SZ 02.7.9 black

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