Tuesday, 30 November 2010

KI BreakOut Modular Seating

BreakOut, designed by SoVibrant, is KI's new third space adaptable solution, designed as an intimate sanctuary for the open plan working environment and also combines the use of technology as the perfect meeting point.
The understated elegance of BreakOut will compliment any working environment, with stylish slatted timber fins providing a light but private enclosure.
The modular design of BreakOut allows multiple seating units to be connected in series, to create a product tailored to the number of people who need to use it and to the space available. BreakOut seating allows users to multi-task whilst fulfilling many roles such as forming an area for group working, inter- office workshops and meetings, or simply a place to get away from it all. BreakOut has been created with an understated elegance and sophistication that will compliment any working environment.
BreakOut doesn’t just look good. It performs.


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