Friday, 19 November 2010

Committed to Sustainability: Thonet Receive Green Globe Certificate

Thonet is the first company in the furniture industry to receive the ‘certificate for sustainable and environmentally friendly management and operations’.
Thonet is the first company in the furniture industry to have been recognized as managing its business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way in accordance with the Green Globe certificate standards. Green Globe, an organisation specialising in sustainability services, have recognised Thonet’s commitment to their ideals with the Green Globe label.
Since 1993, The Los Angeles-based Green Globe organisation has provided sustainability services and certification at the highest level in cooperation with international partner firms. All certifications are verified independently by accredited third-party auditors in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021. Green Globe follows a holistic sustainability approach. The organisation not only evaluates a company according to environmental criteria but also regarding ethical standards and social responsibility.
Green Globe’s mission is to promote holistic and sustainable management on the basis of far-reaching approaches regarding business management, the environment, social responsibility both locally and internationally, adherence to legislation and regulations and consideration of cultural heritage. Companies have to meet clearly defined requirements in order to receive a Green Globe certificate. For these criteria to remain dynamic and reflect any changes on an international level, they are reassessed and adapted on an annual basis.
These dynamic criteria, based on a solid framework, the clear and internationally-oriented communication and the innovative, holistic approach of the Green Globe certification program were the decisive aspects that led Thonet to commit to this program. For Thonet and its quality management, only a holistic sustainability approach would set out a meaningful and safe path into the future. A path that meets Thonet’s company philosophy and once again sends out a strong, market-leading signal.

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