Friday, 5 August 2011

SAYL Chair Wins Again

The SAYL chair and its designer, Yves Behar, continue to attract a lot of attention in the design world.
SAYL recently received the Good Design Award in the Australian International Design Awards and went on to be named Best in Category, beating heavy weights including Dyson’s Airblade. That follows on the heels of Treehugger’s “Best of Green Readers’ Choice” award in the Design and Architecture category, and 2010 Product Design of the Year in the International Design Awards (IDA). Oh, and then there’s the silver IDEA award in the cateogory of “Office and Productivity”! What is so exciting about this chair? The frameless back – inspired by the spans of the Golden Gate bridge in Behar’s hometown of San Francisco – is the first of its kind. It’s an intelligent suspension system that adapts to a person’s movements while providing proper support. It successfully treads that fine line between ergonomics and beautiful design. And it’s affordable. A winning combination.

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