Thursday, 30 June 2011

“Urban refuge” – Géraldine Dumont - Geneva, Switzerland (Student)

This year’s HI-MACS® Design Contest focused on Urban Furniture, and received over 500 projects in the two categories - Professional and Student – from the most mind-boggling to fabulous avant-garde ideas. Including;

The "Urban Refuge" is a structure in which people can find shelter from bad weather or high temperatures. It can also function as a hospitable place for people to meet up in cities or parks. Up to seven people can be accommodated within its 230-centimeter diameter.
This refuge is primarily intended for smokers, who are now practically banned from public places. It protects its users come rain or shine, whilst providing them with a reassuring environment as it lights up at night-fall.
After nightfall this bright urban fixture creates a reassuring environment, providing a sense of security. The structure is illuminated while respecting the environment through the use of solar panels installed on the roof. An armrest and an ashtray are incorporated into the base section of the structure.
The shape of the "Refuge" is inspired by vegetation and so integrates harmoniously with its environment. The degree of curvature is made possible through the highly flexible nature of HI-MACS®. The light is diffused thanks to the translucent properties of HI-MACS® Opal.
Géraldine is student at HEAD, University of Art and Design in Geneva.

The winners will be announced at 100% Design.

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