Friday, 10 June 2011

KOKET | Love Happens

KOKET is devotion to the seduction of the exquisite and to the enticement of love. Highly influenced by the decorative arts, fashion, flora and fauna, forms and decorative techniques from glamorous eras past reappear in the most sophisticated versions of contemporary trends. KOKET brings empowering style to a highly edited unique collection of furniture, passing on a sense of entitlement, exclusivity and prestige.

KOKET’s innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in its debut collection, Guilty Pleasures.
Composed of dramatic statement accent pieces – case goods, upholstery and lighting – which mesmerize with their magical mineral medley, lux metallic’s, vibrant jewel tones, exquisite craftsmanship, luscious fabrics, exotic stones and hand crafted jewelry for the home.

As the leading piece in the GUILTY PLEASURES collection, the fluid and unusual Mandy stool transcends design and jewelry.

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  1. We want to thank The Furniture Industry Blog for this publication about our brand. We hope that you keep enjoying our furniture.
    Once again Thank You.

    Let fall in love with KOKET.