Friday, 22 October 2010

Danish Crafts at Skandium from November 4th - December 5th 2010

Danish craftspeople and designers present new Danish design in London.

Ongoing cooperation between the recognised British furniture store Skandium and
Danish Crafts now results in a special collection dedicated to Skandium. The
collection is called CC+ for Skandium and is launched on 4 November in London.
On 4 November 2010, Skandium and Danish Crafts launch a bespoke collection of new
Danish craft: CC+ for Skandium. The collection is a result of ongoing cooperation between
Skandium and Danish Crafts and is based on Danish Crafts’ previous successful
collections, the Crafts Collections. The background for the cooperation is the growing
international focus and Skandium’s interest in new Danish craft. The goal is to increase the
sales of Danish craft world-wide and strengthen Danish Crafts’ longstanding branding
efforts. Skandium, which has three design stores in London, has chosen to feature the
collection in their flagship store in London’s leading design district of Brompton.
- Skandium has always focused on Scandinavian design, which is characterised by a very
high level of quality. So far, we have focused mainly on Scandinavian design classics, but
with CC+ for Skandium we are now able to present the new talents in the field of Danish
craft and design, says Magnus Englund, director of Skandium in London.
With assistance from Danish Crafts’ curator for Crafts Collection 14, Nina Tolstrup,
Skandium’s chief buyers have hand-picked 14 of Denmark’s most talented craftspeople.
All the products are curated from Danish Crafts’ previous collections to ensure the artistic
quality and the craftsmanship of the products.

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