Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Concentrated Design
The CITRUS lamp, an original design by Oscar & Sergi Devesa, gives any setting a modern, warm light, with its smart, instantly-recognisable shape recalling a citrus fruit. CITRUS is an invitation to savour everyday moments, lighting them in a way which is both clear and intimate at once.
It is designed to be an ideal size for home settings, with a diameter of 50cm at the widest point and 32 at the narrowest, making CITRUS the ideal lamp for placing over the dining room, living room or kitchen/breakfast room table, as you prefer.
A polyethylene diffuser ensures the light is perfectly distributed, which is extremely comfortable on the eye, avoiding all dazzle. The outside panels of CITRUS can be lacquered in black, white or Bordeaux red to fit perfectly into any kind of setting.
The light source is low energy and adjustable, to supply the desired amount of light at all times.

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