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The National Magazine Company and London’s prestigious new School of Communication Arts are the latest customers to install Cardboard Future’s 100% sustainable Paperweight Desk.

As the world’s first fully-specified mass production workstation made entirely of cardboard, the desk was launched to media acclaim in February. Early adopters included entrepreneur PY Gerbeau, CEO of X Leisure; US video conferencing company FocusVision Europe; Johnson Controls; and Global Prepaid Exchange. Now Natmags has selected the desks for its hot desk project rooms and advertising and media students at the School of Communication Arts will all be working on cardboard when the school opens on 20th September.

Designed by Mary Dorrington Ward and engineered by Pat Doyle, the Paperweight Desk is manufactured in the UK from 76% recycled paper and is 100% sustainable and recyclable. Built to meet European legislation for strength and stability, it can take up to 100kg and is the first of a series of cardboard furniture products to be launched by Cardboard Future over the next 12 months.

The specially made corrugated board is coated with a highly water-resistant cellulose varnish and can be assembled in just a few minutes. It has full cable management, legs that can be positioned inset or outset, and a top surface that can be used as a dry-wipe board.

No screws, staples, glues or tools are required for assembly. It has a 12-month warranty, or clients can pay a small monthly fee and get the product on a rolling lease which includes a brand new upgraded desk every 18 months!

The launch follows a two year programme of research and prototyping. Cardboard Future chief executive Rod Fountain says: “We are aware that cardboard furniture has enjoyed a mixed press over the last fifty years and it is going to take an exceptional product to win over the cynics. But we think we are launching the right product at the right time – it’s elegant, extremely eco-friendly, and excellent value for money.”

Initially available in pure white, a palate of standard colours will soon be available and customers will also be able to specify their own colours or designs.

“This is a great fun product but it’s also very robust and will last for many years,” says Fountain. “We think it’s a joy to work at because it is soft and forgiving. It is actually quite an intimate product and a very different experience to working at a conventional steel-framed desk.

“We think it has very wide applications and we already have a lot of interest from large public and private sector organisations,” says Fountain. “It looks great in the home, but it’s also a solution to the growing need for flexibility in the workplace. You can have a whole team up and running from scratch in 24 hours with no hassle and very little cost. When the team’s work is finished you can take the desks down and store them in minutes or we will take them back and recycle them into new furniture products.”

Fountain and Dorrington Ward previously worked together at design furniture dealership Roundhere, which was bought by the Hambledon Group of Winchester in March 2008. The Hambledon shop was among the first to stock the Paperweight Desk.

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Cardboard Future Ltd
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