Friday, 4 November 2011

Gothic revival at Nest

Nest loves the revival of the gothic look and can’t wait to recreate the ambiance these perfect pieces will create - especially as the winter really creeps in.

With a subtle hint of gothic madness you can’t get better than the Magis Troy chair, which will look prefect in any dining setting.

Bring a touch of humour to your home during the winter months with the fabulous Moooi Rabbit light.

For a more classic take on the trend look no further than the Kartell Louis Ghost opaque armchair.

Let the walls do the talking with the iBride Cornelius the Monkey Gentleman tray – an antique tray that does look just as good on your wall as it does carrying your afternoon tea.

The Norman Spine rug has a dramatic print in grey and black shades - designed for all of us who love fashion and design.

If just a touch of this trend is enough for you then try the Diamentini & Domeniconi Millelancette wall clock.

For even more inspirational ideas for the home and garden and 1000’s of products to search and buy check out or visit the showroom in Sheffield.

1 comment:

  1. OMG! I so love the Gothic look (bit late for me personally but daughters got into it).

    These are choice! And love how you crept the word creepy into the opening paragraph too!

    Rocking the Goth look!