Saturday, 1 October 2011

GEENEN + HOON exhibits new work by furniture designers Bram Geenen (NL) and Il Hoon Roh (GB).

17 September – 5 November 2011

The Aram Gallery brings together two designers whose work on first sight, appears similar. Geenen + Hoon begin with complementary starting points; both are heavily influenced by the architecture of Antoni Gaudi for example. However, they have quite different ways of working, employing opposite techniques to arrive at superficially alike conclusions.
The exhibition uses Geenen+ Hoon’s works to show how two designers interpret similar influences. It presents a succinct step by step journey from initial sketch to full size piece, to highlight the crossovers in their process. This methodical approach to the presentation of their work intends to demystify how these designers design. In addition it allows for explanations of the materials and processes they use at each stage of their development.

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