Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Choose the Right Fabric for the Situation

Silent Gliss is known worldwide as the provider of the most advanced, high quality window treatments. As important as the hardware is the selection of the right fabric to ensure a smooth and professionally working window treatment system. Combining technical knowledge with the important know how of fabrics, is another key competence you can count on when working with Silent Gliss. The need to create surroundings which provide a feeling of security and well being is elegantly met by the combination of design fabrics and high technology.

Multiscreen is a good example of one of these technical fabrics. Silent Gliss Multiscreen has been woven by a special process to produce three different openness factor . The higher openness factor the greater amount of natural light allowed into the room. So you could use a 10% openness factor on a north facing window and a 5% or 1% openness where you want to use computers/televisions whilst still maintaining an overall interior scheme.

Prices start at £320 based on a 4810 chain operated roller blind in Multiscreen 5% at 1m x 1.5m.


  1. Choosing the right fabric is an important task. The most important thing to remember is the grade or price of the fabric is not necessarily an indicator of durability. A lower price fabric might be much more durable than a high priced fabric. In fact, sometimes, the price of the fabric is determined by other factors like how long it takes to make the fabric. Be careful and consider what you want in a fabric before just thing the price must prove it's a great quality fabric.

  2. great picture!!!! in choosing fabrics we should not just consider the price but also the quality of the product, it should be in high quality