Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Replaceable moving wall finish from CREATIF

Not just a pretty face.....Creatif make revelations with a ‘peel off’ face to moving wall panels.

A clever combination of our BigVista wall covering and standard moving wall panels means that the face of your moving wall can be updated in minutes.
Solid blocks of colour, peel off fabrics, hard hitting promotional graphics one week, subtle hues of nature the next.....this revolutionary discovery at Creatif offers a true solution for interior environments where the visual message must be kept fresh and topical, or where acoustic absorption is key.

What are the benefits of BigVista on moving wall panels?
• Improved acoustic absorption – additional acoustic interlayer provides a truly acoustic absorptive medium
• Interchangeable finish – change the colour or change the graphics
• Maintenance – machine washable fabrics
• Replacement – damaged or tired fabrics can be changed for newfabrics creating the impression of a new wall

Go quite literally off the wall on your design schemes with the BigVista moving wall finish from Creatif. For pricing, case studies or further information, make contact with the Sales team at Creatif on 01133 391 1970 or info@creatif.org.uk


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