Monday, 20 December 2010


Let your imagination soar!

Cirrus sails can be used to create fluid sculptural forms to act as dramatic focal points with the added benefits of acoustic control, sunscreening and protection from the elements.

Our specialist fabrics enable Cirrus sails to be used in vertical or horizontal planes, or twisted into exciting and novel forms. You can use Cirrus sails singly or in multiple configurations, and they offer a subtle alternative to traditional partitioning for spatial division.
Made in the UK, Cirrus Interior Sails are available in standard shapes and sizes and a choice of over 20 special order colours. Cirrus Interior Sails are made from a special fabric containing Lycra which is inherently fire retardant and flexible, allowing it to stretchup to 30% in any direction, making installation incredibly simple – decide on your fixing points, stretch the sail into position and hook the integral silicone loops onto your fixings.

These sails are designed to last and can be taken down and popped into a washing machine; the quick-drying fabric means the sail can be reinstalled straight from the spin cycle.
Full instructions and fixings are suppliedwith each sail.

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