Friday, 20 July 2012

Introducing Sqillé

Bringing the moon into your garden to illuminate your evening while the stars come out above.

Following Clay Designs’ highly acclaimed and successful launch of Sqill, their cable free illuminating coffee table, it soon became clear there was another place for their table to shine. The recurring question; “Can it go outside?” spurred the Principal Designer, David Chapman, full throttle into the development, which had been part of the Company’s future plans.

“It was no easy journey” says David, “but we knew it would be possible”. Following a stringent R&D programme, Clay Designs are proud to announce that is exactly what they can now offer - introducing Sqillé.

Apparently pronounced either ‘Sqill-ay’ or ‘Sqill-ee’ depending on your preference, Sqillé is a stunning outside light sculpture that functions as a table and an area’s statement ambient lighting.

“Creating the perfect ambience outside is equally as important as in the home” says Roxanne of Clay Designs. “Combining mesmerising aesthetics and beautiful illumination, Sqillé is designed to naturally extend your living space and welcome you out into the open air.”

Whilst the level of variety within the outdoor lighting market is increasing year on year, the range of stylish options which can provide central social lighting to areas is extremely limited. The integrated energy efficient LED lighting of Sqillé lasts around 12 hours before slowly dimming and is quick and easily recharged in-situ.

Clay Designs will be creating pop up events with Sqillé over the summer, be the first to discover the secret party dates and destinations by signing up to their newsletter at


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