Friday, 16 March 2012

CAGE- New from NEO Studio

CAGE is an outstanding multifunctional fixture developed to stimulate the contemporary and creative use of light.
The hidden symbolism of CAGE, being designed in a sort of a birdcage, is philosophic and curious at the same time, meaning exactly the opposite of it’s name, it means “freedom to use light however you want”.
CAGE also means rough and tough on the way it was designed and manufactured, CAGE means “daily life”, it looks somehow cold and industrial, but with its generous dimension CAGE fills the room and satiates de-atmosphere with a soft direct light.
Full of potentialities, because you can’t actually cage light, the use of this fixture can be tremendous, for instance, just think about using it over the table, on the floor, laying, standing, hanging, light up, light down however you feel like using light. 

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