Friday, 13 January 2012

First school chair recognised for ergonomic excellence

The Newton chair by Orangebox is the first school chair to receive the prestigious FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award, in recognition of its exceptional ergonomic design.
The FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award identifies genuine ergonomic excellence in furniture products used in workplace, school and domestic environments by clearly distinguishing those that are outstanding from other products in the marketplace.
In order to receive the Award, safety, user-friendliness and the comfort and well-being of the user are considered, as well as whether the product is fit for purpose both structurally and ergonomically. 
Classrooms have historically been ergonomically challenging environments for students. Dimensional misfit and lack of movement puts pressure on the spine. Furniture must therefore fit the users, support learning environments and be fit for purpose.
The Newton has an adjustable seat and integral footrest to help avoid dimensional mismatch, which can cause fatigue and loss of concentration in the classroom. It also incorporates a simple two tilt sitting position, enabling students to lean back to listen in comfort and to tip forward for a more healthy upright reading and writing position when working at a table. The Newton chair is the first of a number of products the Company is providing aimed at ergonomics in the classroom.

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