Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Wardrobe Concept from Montana

Montana Wardrobe

Icons of Denmark is pleased to introduce the new Montana Wardrobe to the UK - a flexible modular system which allows you to express your own style. Montana Wardrobe is a completely new concept that breaks with the traditional idea of a wardrobe as a closet or a space for storing clothes and shoes.

The philosophy behind Montana Wardrobe is that a wardrobe shouldn't just occupy an entire wall; it should give you the freedom to arrange your home in your own personal manner, maintaining the depth and height of the room and giving it character. Castors can be put under the units to create a mobile wardrobe; it can be placed on a plinth or legs, or hung on the wall to create more lightness and depth.

Montana Wardrobe is a well-considered design consisting of five units that can be combined and built together according to desires and needs. Various components with exquisite details can be added to help keep order and harmony throughout. And Montana's extensive colour palette allows you to express your personal style.

Montana Wardrobe's flexible concept is built on Montana's extensive experience of creating a synthesis of forms, styles and functionality, and can be used with Montana's other products.



  1. The wardrobe really look great and perfect. I can see the complimentary effect of the color to the color of the wall.

  2. I hope I could take a closer look to their designs. Before buying, aside from design and styles we must also consider its warranty.