Thursday, 27 May 2010

Design Prima 2011

'After much research and consultation, we are pleased to confirm our previously announced plans to stage Design PRIMA in the spring of 2011.

The exact dates and location are known and will be announced to you shortly.

As you would expect from PRIMA, there are new, radical and exciting elements attached to the event, hence the tag " Plus " and you will find it organised in a tight and highly professional manner as always.

The venue is new and in the very centre of London. It has not been used previously for exhibitions. Prima will be its first client. It is certainly large enough, secure, cost effective and astonishingly well connected with all transport links. The quality of space is outstanding and will directly foster a powerful, neutral and minimalist backdrop to your products, prompting all attention on them. There will be an Open Day in July for you to make your own judgements.

The move means that we now have a high level of flexibility with dates – something a fully booked BDC could no longer offer us. The timing allows us to plan the event as a UK launch show – with everything on offer being new to the UK market post Orgatec / Milan.

Some key points to note about Design Prima Plus

· One Venue
A one venue event with all the advantages that this brings for both exhibitors and visitors

· Cost Effective
The new venue allows us to cost the event in tune with the economic realities confronting us all. We hope to persuade you to only show the latest and best stuff in your portfolio in ‘thought through’ spaces – products which take into account the changing nature of the world, the routes to market and the evolving nature of the ‘client base’.

· No Gimmicks, hyperbole or false promises
No gimmicks, diversions or phoney ‘off the wall’ anything! If there is one thing that you can say about PRIMA it is that we have never lost the plot or forgotten the bottom line – the focus has always been on the product and of fostering the ideal environment for business to be done. This we promise to continue.

· Design led, principled, well researched and connected. Always creative, frequently copied
We are design led, well researched, mature and operate with solid business and media partners.

· Experience of the industry – we are designers not formulaic ‘me too’ organisers
After 18 years, we know what we are doing!

· Standards that have earned industry respect
The current climate is likely to give any initiative aimed at promoting business a surreal edge and we are all finding ourselves exposed to a great deal of blurred thinking, false promises and sharp practice.

It is interesting to note that, whilst the forced shrinkage, rationalisation and forest thinning will be hurting companies, we still inhabit a multi-billion pound industry and this current reality check may well serve to weed out the opportunists and lightweights leaving us with an industry grouping of leaner, fitter and morally based companies focused on the things that matter.

Central to it all are the products, of course. We hope to be able to guide you in the choice of what is likely to succeed in future and to give you reasons for ‘staying with it’ when things are so tough because, whilst it is a well known fact that you are part of an industry that impacts directly upon people’s lives, it is rare to hear it said that what you all do professionally really does matter.

· Constant visitor numbers around 4500 – 5000 over 3 days
In the past we have always achieved the highest number of quality trade visitors compared with other similar events. Not just from London but from the whole of the UK. For Design Prima Plus 2011 we are determine to improve on past successes.

· After all it is your industry show

The Design Prima team'

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